My Studio Pumpkin Makers

Four of my friends graciously gathered to be my first students in my newly remodeled studio. And while there were no fireworks or ribbon cutting ceremonies, Saturday, August 13 was the first of many Art Workshops that will be offered in my new space. Though all of the decorating details have not been completed, the wonderful atmosphere of friends playing and creating covered all the little hiccups of flow during our time together.

Workshops begin promptly at 10 seated at the big table with a cup of coffee or tea as we discuss the project and our scheduled five hours together. This Workshop was focused on pumpkins.


We all made them using two clay coiled bowls. Childhood memories of similar activities were at our fingertips. Putting the two halves together to make a clay balloon brought new challenges transformed into new skills. After sealing the pumpkins with a flat clay zipper, they were set to rest in a bag while the table was cleaned for lunch.


Around 12.30, a light lunch is served during all Saturday workshops and included in the fee. This week I served  Delicious Black Bean Burritos with lime, fresh tomatoes and lettuce, accompanied by corn chips and salsa.


After the meal, I showed how to create texture, how to shape the clay balloon into a pumpkin and make and attach a natural looking stem.  Some chose to also add a leaf.

There was time for some playful creating with our extra clay and Moomin figures, ladybugs and flowers were brought to life by my creator friends. Then it was time to clean up and have a final cup of coffee or tea before we finished at 15.

(Pumpkins are a special project with tricky work which requires more time than the other projects and so participants choose the colors they want their pumpkins glazed. Or they will return for an hour to complete the task themselves before the final firing. )

It was a wonderful day. And I hope the beginning of many such days with friends and artists in my new studio space.

Come join me! The next Workshop will be making a Yarn Bowl on September 10.





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