From cube to lidded box

The kids in Pottery Club were fantastic today. Their task was to take the cube they made last week and turn it into a lidded box. It wasn’t easy!

Each week, it is an intense couple of hours for the children and I. The room is most often filled with activity and laughter but with the glass walls, concrete floors and high ceiling, sometimes it is a challenge to get everyone’s attention.

The first children to come in help set up the tables and chairs, the tools and other needed equipment. When the second group arrives a few minutes later, we talk about what we will be doing for the day. The final group joins us around 14 and the room hums with creativity.

Today’s project was the lidded box. These boxes will be part of our contest exhibition at the end of the term. It is very exciting to challenge the kids to do their best work and see how far they can take their new skills and creativity. I am always ready to encourage and guide along the way. Even when all seems lost, I can help remind them that clay is malleable and can be coaxed into something to be proud of.

Next week we will underglaze our boxes. For most, this will be another new experience. Under glaze, unlike glaze which contains bit of glass, is similar to colored slip.

Yep, Pottery Club is a few happy but intensely rewarding hours in my and my student’s week.

And aticipation of the final project pulls us into thinking about next week as soon as class is over!




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