Feb. 11:Yarn Bowl

Saturday, February 11, 2017
Welcome to another Yarn Bowl Workshop!

On the second Saturday of the month there is a place in my studio for you. My studio is a little oasis of respite and relaxation. Give yourself some time to play. I’ll put on some classic jazz and you can do some clay therapy. Welcome.

Morning Session: 10:00 – 13:00 Make a Yarn Bowl
Afternoon Session: 14.00 – 17:00 Open Studio or a make a Yarn Bowl / Glazing.


Reservations required. There are 4 places at each session.

Come do something different!

If you have some experience with handbuilding, you may choose to work on a project of your own in the afternoon session. But if you’d like to try the scheduled project, come at 10, I am very happy to help you create something wonderful!

You may choose your glaze color and I will do it for you
OR you can return the following month to glaze your project.

Children’s Workshops are also available, please contact me if you are interested in reserving a date. Thank you.


Send SMS to 041 517 7096 with the following:

Name of workshop, session, full name, email address for invoice.

Example: Yarn bowl, morning, Meri Nowool, kitchen.queen@gmail.com

Registration is complete only after official SMS confirmation by Suzanne. Invoice will be sent via email and due immediately.  Thank you. 

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