POTTERY CLUB CONTINUES! We meet on Tuesdays 14-16.00 in the art room. The 1-2 grade children arrive at 14.00. 3-7 graders at 14.30. Everyone usually completes their work within 75 minutes and are free to go after cleaning their work space. The children in the afternoon club are escorted by their staff to the door. … Continue reading POTTERY CLUB CONTINUES!

The Pirate Tour: A Treasure Chest!

Coming again to Ruoholahti: A REAL Pottery Workshop! Register today. Space is limited. 4 Tuesdays in a row! Ceramic Handbuilding 101 Workshop with Suzanne I will be returning for the third time with my pottery studio to the Finnish American Kindergarten! It's another chance for your children to participate in real ceramics workshop without bringing … Continue reading The Pirate Tour: A Treasure Chest!