Month: May 2018

Porous, we know this

Is this pot porous?


“Rough up the clay like tiger paws” What does that ? What does slip mean?

Slab Work

Roll it flat with a rolling pin.

Coil Pot

Coil pots have been made for centuries, I call it making snakes!

Little bits of glass

Glaze is made of little bits of glass suspended in a mixture of clay, minerals and fluid. It is one color when you brush it on and another when it comes out of the kiln! It is an exiting part of Handbuilding 101!

What is a kiln?

What is a kiln? Well, ah,ask the pottery club kids! They know!.

We use tools!

Tools! Tools!


Where does our self esteem come from?


What is your favorite Saturday thing to do? This is Bob. He is hugging Bob. Two Bobs, imagine having the same name as your best friend. They sing, dance and hug every time they are together, jut what a best friends should do. What…