The Outside In Tour

Pottery time again!!

I loved visiting FinnAm Kindergartens last year and I am happy to return this autumn!

I will be coming with my pottery studio for your child to participate in a real pottery workshop.

Bringing the Outside In by Mary McKenna Siddals

We are bringing the outside in, oh, bringing the outside in!

This lovely picture book with it’s gentle rhymes will be our inspiration in this tour. We will explore how to can create texture by pressing natural materials into clay. Leaves, sticks pinecones, shells, flowers…  I will bring the outside in for your child to explore the fun of natural stamps.


Here is the schedule of fun:

Day 1: We will roll out a slab of clay and gently press natural objects to make texture. We will lay the slab into a shallow bowl and trim the edges.
Day 2: Repeating the steps, we will create a small cup.
Day 3: We add colorful underglaze to our projects.
Day 4: We will glaze our wares.

Projects will be ready for pick up ( at school ) 2-3 weeks after workshop.

Cost: 65€ (includes VAT)

What: A REAL pottery workshop with Suzanne
Where: FinnAm Kindergarten Ruoholahti
When: 4 Tuesdays 10.30-11.15, 11.30-12.15
Ruoholahti: 4.9 – 25.9
Who: Max 8 children, 4.5 – 6 yrs.

Where: FinnAm Kindergarten Kamppi
When: 4 Tuesdays 9.00-9.45, 10-10.45
Kamppi: 30.10 – 20.11
Who: Max 8 children, 4.5 – 6 yrs.

Cost: 65€ (includes VAT)

Registration is taken by SMS ONLY.  Teachers at the schools can not register your child. A text message to Suzanne is needed. Children are registered in order of messages received.  Your child is on the list once SMS is confirmed. Thank you.

Please send an SMS to me, Suzanne, at 041 517 7096.

Include which kindergarten your child is attending, your child’s name, birthday, your name and email address, Yes to photos.

Photos will occasionally be taken and posted on my website No names will be used. Please confirm your approval. Happy kids doing art. Everyone loves it.

Kamppi, Billy Doughnut, 5 yrs, Samuel Doughnut, Yes to photos.

Registration is only complete after SMS has been confirmed. Thank you!

Invoices will be sent directly to you via NiiloVilla Studio TMI and not through the school.

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