Words and wordplay.

I have always loved words. And when I began writing poetry, about ten years ago, it changed my life. It added a mindfulness to my days, it brought a fresh thoughtfulness to the simple observation of my daily life, inside and out.

For me, writing poetry has been like play. It is not always easy, not that sort of play, but it invites me to see the world in new ways and always temps me into a more creative view of the common experience.

I will be sharing a few of my poems at Teesalonki Sylvia in Hyvinkää on November 1 at 17.30. They are hosting three Thursday night Art Evening this autumn.

It’s a wonderfully cozy place.

Come join me for a cup of tea.

Making Contact

We craft stories to tell
like the radio signals astronomers send
into outer space,
not simply expressed sound
but words pronounced
in the hope of being heard
by someone, somewhere.

after constructed monologue,
perfected and polished
in the same inner place
that propels us to move forward.
Motivation not from legs
or intellect’s great schemes
but from that quiet place
beneath our breastbone,
buried in the frailty that houses us.

We’re prompted to look outward,
to move forward- and our head,
and our feet,

and our heart


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