Holiday Ornaments!

Holiday Ornaments!

Suzanne will bring her studio to Ruoholahti FinnAm Kindergarten on Tuesday, November 27 for a real ceramics workshop!

Participants will be given a lump of clay to roll, press, stamp and underglaze.  A variety of shapes and designs will enhance your child’s imagination.  Items will be stamped with their name and the year.  Tied with twine or ribbon, these will make wonderful gifts or keepsakes!

Each participant will complete 4 ornaments which will be delivered in time for the holidays on 14.12.18.

This workshop will take place during the morning and children will take turns at the pottery table with Suzanne.


This mini pottery workshop is for all ages at the kindergarten!

Registration taken by Suzanne with SMS only.

041 517 7096

Please include your child’s full name, age, your full name and email address. Registration is complete after this has been confirmed.


Ho ho ho,


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