Welcome to EIS Pottery Club

Espoo International School Pottery Club

It is the 15th year that Pottery Club will continue on Tuesdays at 14.00! Learn the basics of Ceramics. In this hand building class, your child will learn coiling, slab, and pinching techniques. This technique can be used for making bowls and cups, along with a world of other 3D creations.

This club is for all children, 1-2 graders and 3-9 graders. The older children tend to work independently as their skillset grows. And generally, the youngest children complete their work earlier, leaving the older working in a quieter environment. We have found the mixed age group inspires everyone to observe and improve.

Children will be divided into TWO groups after schedules have settled. Children from registered in the afternoon club will be brought to Pottery and returned after approximately 75 minutes. Parents of 1-2 graders not signed up for afternoon club must make arrangements with me concerning pick up location.

FOR WHO : All Grades

WHERE: Room B121 Textile Area

WHEN: 14.00 – 15.15 or 15.15 – 16.30. Can be flexible to child’s schedule.

AUTUMN TERM meets 14 times 27.08.19 – 10.12.19 (NO meeting 8.10 and 15.10)

SPRING TERM meets 14 times 7.1.20 – 21.4.20 ( NO MEETING 18.2 and 25.2.20)


How to register to make sure you child has a place. SPACE IS LIMITED!


Each Club will meet 14 times per Autumn and Spring Term.
The fee is 168€ per term. I send invoices in August and January. All materials included.

To register, please send an SMS to me at 041 517 7096. Include the words: Pottery club, your child’s name, grade, your name and email address. 

Photos of participants may be posted on my website. Please confirm your approval by saying Yes to photos.

Pottery, Billy Doughnut, 4 gr, Samuel Doughnut, sam.doughnut@gmail.com, Yes to photos.

Registration is only complete after SMS has been received. Thank you

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