Pottery 101: A Slab Bowl

Good morning!

Finally, a Pottery Workshop for Staff!

I have been toting my ceramics studio from FinnAm kindergarten to kindergarten for a few years. And many children have made a variety of projects. Staff have requested a time to give it a try! Now it’s your turn!


At the Ruoholahti location on Tuesday, November 26, 17.30-20.30


Come join me in making a beautiful bowl! In the first 90 min, participants get a lump of clay and make a bowl using basic ceramic handbuilding techniques.
After a brief intermission, we will apply texture, design and underglaze.

Bowls taken to my home, air dried, fired and then glazed. They will be delivered to Ruoholahti by 18.12.

If you are interested in joining, please send me an SMS to 041 527 7096.

Example: FinnAm Workshop 26.11, your full name, email address.

It will be fun! Come on!

(Minimum of 4 needed)


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