10.12 Pottery Club Party!

Hello Pottery Club Parents,

I was just loading the last of your child’s work into my kiln so it’s ready for GLAZE day next Tuesday.
The following weeks, 10.12, is our annual Party and Exhibition! I love it!

Everyone can come at 14.10 or as early as possible. We will display our projects and admire them. Pick our favorites! There will be chocolate bars given to winners of various categories. šŸ™‚ It’s a fun, fun, fun day!

They may bring snacks to share with everyone. There are 30 children. I will provide a drink and small snack as well.

You children will have many things to carry home. We will wrap things in newspaper and I will remind them their work is fragile.

Spring term Pottery begins on Jan. 7- April 21. As usual, we meet 14 times. 2 weeks off for Ski Week. Hoping to see my grandson in USA. šŸ™‚

Please register with me ASAP to assure your child’s place.

I have fully enjoyed working with your child(ren) and welcome every one of them back to expand their knowledge of this ancient art. Do they tell you I sing for them? Yep. We have fun.

Warmly yours,

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