EIS Intro to Glass Fusion


Something new for EIS Pottery Club children!

The Pottery Club has a school year end party on April 21 at 14-16.00! It is always an exciting day for the children and I! This year I have reserved the room for extra weeks to offer your children something really fun!


Fusing is the technique of joining two or more pieces of glass by heat in a kiln. There are different glass fusing techniques.

In a full fuse glass is heated until it becomes molten. Fusing requires a special type of glass.

I have been expanding my studio to include glass fusion workshops and would like to offer a special 2 hour workshop to all the children in pottery club!

Here a video to give you an idea of what Glass Fusion is :

Click Here to watch Fused Glass Art For Children video

Glass Fusion 2 hour Workshop!

Where: Same room as pottery club.
Time: 14-16
When: Tuesday 28.4 or 5.5.
Fee: 49€

Limited to 6 children per group.

Children will cut and arrange small pieces of glass to make a beautiful 10cm X 10cm glass tile to hang and celebrate the sunshine! It is safe. The children wear safety glasses and are closely supervised.

There is space for only 6 children in each workshop.

Special Pottery Club price of 49€ per child.
Please register with Suzanne today!

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