2nd Saturday Workshops

Beginning September 2019


THIS is Handbuilding 101 – 

On the second Saturday of the month, there is a place in my studio for you!
Think of it as a little oasis of respite and relaxation.
Give yourself some time to play. I’ll put on some music and you can do clay therapy!

No experience needed!

It’s a perfect environment for beginners ….and those who have some experience. It’s for anyone who wants to remember how to play with clay! Bring back a little of the childhood feeling, plus create something handmade -by you!

Please bring soled inside shoes to minimize tracking clay dust. If you have a craft apron, you are welcome to bring it along.

Eat breakfast and be prompt!  The day will fly by!

Morning Session: 10:00 – 13.00  Make a pot. (Everything is a called a pot, even when it is not a pot!)
Lunch Break: 13.00- 14.00 Bring your own lunch. I will provide coffee and tea.
Afternoon Session: 14 – 16.00  Underglaze your unique piece of art.

All pieces will air dry for a week or two before they are fired, then glazed with transparent glaze. They will be fired a second time. Pieces are ready for pick up after two weeks.

2nd Saturday Workshops



Includes all materials and 24% VAT
Maximum 6.


Send SMS to 041 517 7096 with the following:

Name of workshop, month, full name, email address for invoice. Yes to photos can be posted on the web.

Example: Yarn bowl, Sept, Meri Nowool, kitchen.queen@gmail.com Yes

Registration is complete only after official SMS confirmation by Suzanne. Invoice for workshop will be sent via email and due immediately. Thank you.