New to Hyvinkää, Suzanne Niilo-Rämä describes herself as “An Artist, Poet and Maker of Things”.
She has been teaching basic ceramics workshops for children and adults in her home studio, pottery workshops at kindergartens and clubs at elementary schools since 2001.
She also works with watercolors, glass fusion, and writes poetry.
She will begin hosting Pottery 101 and The Singing Puppet Troupe at Asema Koulu in January 2019.
She has recently begun singing with a band and invites the public to attend the Elvis Song event on 27.10 at Wintti550!


I will continue my programs in Helsinki and Espoo, but!

I have moved to Hyvinkää

While the photo above is the old sauna building, I have a nice sunny studio inside!


Since 2001, I have taught hundreds of children and adults the basic techniques of ceramic handbuilding. Trained as a recreational leader with a strong interest in art, my classes have a true sense of play and whimsy while teaching the skills and proper techniques of this ancient art form.


My workshops combine my training as a Recreational Leader and my work as a ceramic artist.

Recreation is defined as what we do when our work is finished, it is the time we relax and play. Art is a wonderful way to satisfy everyone’s need for creative play. As a ceramic artist, I like to share the wonderfully malleable nature of clay with students of any age.

A love for creating art since childhood, I began my ceramic art career in 1991 when I bought my first kiln. After selling my work to friends and family, I expanded my market which included 22 small shops in the Minneapolis- St. Paul area.

Four years later, my Finnish husband and I moved our family of four to Finland, along with a shiny new kiln. In 2001, I registered NiiloVilla as a small business in Espoo. Since then, I have taught hundreds of children and adults the basic techniques of ceramic handbuilding in the Helsinki-Espoo area. Now, I am ready to teach in Hyvinkä, too!

Come do something different!

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