A Little Blueberry Bowl

FOR CHILDREN 4.5- 7 YEARS : POTTERY WORKSHOPS HELD AT THE KINDERGARTEN Ready for the Kindergarten Clayworks Spring 2019 Tour? A Little Blueberry Bowl for your summer adventures. Our inspiration will come from Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey. This is an American classic from 1948. Sal and her mother go hunting for blueberries to … Continue reading A Little Blueberry Bowl

2 Hungry Caterpillar Slab Plates

It's something new! Hand painted art work on 2 clay slab slump plates! I am offering your children something new in this workshop. We will paint pictures with underglazes on plates that have been rolled, stretched and pressed into paper plate slump molds. Our inspiration will come from a classic: The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric … Continue reading 2 Hungry Caterpillar Slab Plates

Holiday Ornaments!

Holiday Ornaments! Suzanne will bring her studio to Ruoholahti FinnAm Kindergarten on Tuesday, November 27 for a real ceramics workshop! Participants will be given a lump of clay to roll, press, stamp and underglaze.  A variety of shapes and designs will enhance your child's imagination.  Items will be stamped with their name and the year.  … Continue reading Holiday Ornaments!

Pinch pot birds

The Espoo International Pottery Club has made a flock of pinch pots and pinch pot birds. These birds have been underglazed. I am very proud of these children!   The little pinch pots have been fired once. They are ready for glazing. Aren't they sweet?