Holiday Ornaments!

Holiday Ornaments!

Suzanne will bring her studio to Ruoholahti FinnAm Kindergarten on Tuesday, November 27 for a real ceramics workshop!

Participants will be given a lump of clay to roll, press, stamp and underglaze.  A variety of shapes and designs will enhance your child’s imagination.  Items will be stamped with their name and the year.  Tied with twine or ribbon, these will make wonderful gifts or keepsakes!

Each participant will complete 4 ornaments which will be delivered in time for the holidays on 14.12.18.

This workshop will take place during the morning and children will take turns at the pottery table with Suzanne.


This mini pottery workshop is for all ages at the kindergarten!

Registration taken by Suzanne with SMS only.

041 517 7096

Please include your child’s full name, age, your full name and email address. Registration is complete after this has been confirmed.


Ho ho ho,


Pottery Club EIS

Yesterday was so much fun!

Pottery club is like a bee hive with the every child focused on their own task and still together buzzing with energy.

We finished our mugs. Getting the handle attached and adding some interesting textures to the body. Most made monsters but there are plenty of cats, too! Even a dragon and abstract art exteriors. These mugs will dry safely until I tote them home to be bisque fired in two weeks.

Remember, the club does not meet weeks 42 AND 43!

Pinch pot birds

The Espoo International Pottery Club has made a flock of pinch pots and pinch pot birds. These birds have been underglazed. I am very proud of these children!


The little pinch pots have been fired once. They are ready for glazing. Aren’t they sweet?

We use math, too!

How many?





Words and wordplay.

I have always loved words. And when I began writing poetry, about ten years ago, it changed my life. It added a mindfulness to my days, it brought a fresh thoughtfulness to the simple observation of my daily life, inside and out.

For me, writing poetry has been like play. It is not always easy, not that sort of play, but it invites me to see the world in new ways and always temps me into a more creative view of the common experience.

I will be sharing a few of my poems at Teesalonki Sylvia in Hyvinkää on November 1 at 17.30. They are hosting three Thursday night Art Evening this autumn.

It’s a wonderfully cozy place.

Come join me for a cup of tea.

Making Contact

We craft stories to tell
like the radio signals astronomers send
into outer space,
not simply expressed sound
but words pronounced
in the hope of being heard
by someone, somewhere.

after constructed monologue,
perfected and polished
in the same inner place
that propels us to move forward.
Motivation not from legs
or intellect’s great schemes
but from that quiet place
beneath our breastbone,
buried in the frailty that houses us.

We’re prompted to look outward,
to move forward- and our head,
and our feet,

and our heart


2nd Saturday Workshops

THIS is Handbuilding 101 – 

On the second Saturday of the month, there is a place in my studio for you!
Think of it as a little oasis of respite and relaxation.
Give yourself some time to play. I’ll put on some music and you can do clay therapy!

No experience needed!

It’s a perfect environment for beginners ….and those who have some experience. It’s for anyone who wants to remember how to play with clay! Bring back a little of the childhood feeling, plus create something handmade -by you!

Please bring soled inside shoes to minimize tracking clay dust. If you have a craft apron, you are welcome to bring it along.

Eat breakfast and be prompt!  The day will fly by!

Morning Session: 10:00 – 13.00  Make a pot. (Everything is a called a pot, even when it is not a pot!)
Lunch Break: 13.00- 14.00 Bring your own lunch. I will provide coffee and tea.
Afternoon Session: 14 – 16.00  Underglaze your unique piece of art.

All pieces will air dry for a week or two before they are fired, then glazed with transparent glaze. They will be fired a second time. Pieces are ready for pick up after two weeks.

13.10, 10.11, 8.12: Create a beautiful underglazed slab bowl!

2nd Saturday Workshops


Includes all materials and 24% VAT
Maximum 6.


Send SMS to 041 517 7096 with the following:

Name of workshop, month, full name, email address for invoice. Yes to photos can be posted on the web.

Example: Yarn bowl, Sept, Meri Nowool, Yes

Registration is complete only after official SMS confirmation by Suzanne. Invoice for workshop will be sent via email and due immediately. Thank you. 

I love Tuesdays



Pottery Club is a blast! This year we have 30 kids in two groups. Boys and girls from 1-8 grade fill the tables.

The past three weeks we have focused on perfecting pinch pots. We have made a pot, a bird and many children also made a piece of fruit.

It’s a whirlwind of joy on Tuesdays. We even occasionally sing as we work.

The Old Sauna

It WILL snow. I WILL sit in my kitchen and stare across the yard to my Someday Studio… so I gave it a fresh coats of paint for the winter!

My family has differentiated the rooms inside it by calling them, Door #1, Door #2, and Door #3.

Door #3 is my someday studio space. Door #2 was wood storage but now holds bulky furniture and the like. Door #1 holds my Espoo kitchen/studio cabinetry, just waiting to be rehung.

The old building is full of potential and filled with dreams I will tinker with this coming winter.

Kindergarten Clayworks

We rolled our clay into a ball.


Then we rolled it and cut in into a circle.


Then we pressed leaves and weeds and flowers into it. Next week we will shape it into a bowl!


Junior birdsmen, upside-down!

Up in the air, Junior Birdsmen! Up in the air, upside-down.

A search on google would reveal that this song is from a time long ago.

Because it takes 5 boxtops, 4 labels, 3 coupons, 2 bottle caps, and 1 thin dime…

Get your goggles on! It’s for all ages….


Gadgets and real life

I remember clearly the first time I heard someone (seemingly) talking to themselves as they walked down the sidewalk.

And I remember later hearing two DIFFERENT people at the same time and wondering if they were talking to each other!

A year or so later, when I got my first Nokia phone, I was totally hooked like a teenager. My children took a video of me laughing so hard I could barely speak as I recorded my own voice saying, “Your phone is ringing!  Answer your phone!” I wanted to use it as my very own ring tone and thought it was hilarious!

Oh my, how time colors things differently.

But the memory is still funny to me. I recall the pure delight of technology’s possibilities. Yes, time and technology has changed childhood….

Can you grasp that our children grow up with such a symbiotic gadget relationship that their understanding of the concept of “Alone” probably has GPS as a default. People are so connected to one another these days, it feels odd to not be truly unreachable.

Also, do you think your self concept would be different if you knew EXACTLY what you looked like from every conceivable angle and in every light? Taking and sharing selfies has become as familiar as looking in the mirror. Children these days know what they look like from other’s perspective with little or no wondering at all.

I won’t even mention the games. There are endless flat worlds to explore.

I used to tell my kids to live a day that someone would enjoy watching. Sitting in a room in front of a screen, it’s just not enough.

Gadget, gadgets and glowing screens…

With Niilovilla, I want to offer you and your children something that uses your thumbs and fingers differently. The itsy bitsy spider comes to mind. But that is just a begining.

It is my hope to gently nudge my students into three dimensional problems solving or find a corner of their imagination which is not just wired for digital but open for belly laughs.

I still love my phone. I understand it’s allure but what a thrill it is to share an hour or two creating something concrete next to someone friendly.

I welcome you, I welcome your kids, I welcome your relatives and friends… Come, let’s make something from a lump of clay .. and i’ll sing you a song while we do it.


Kindergarten Tours



My studio travels to kindergartens!

I’ll be doing The Outside In Tour in in Ruoholahti   in September  and Kamppi in November.

It is truly a joy!

Would you like me to visit your kindergarten? Call me or send SMS!

An Adventure in Glass

img_20161124_220401-e1532531901705Birds over a corn field. This was inspired by a ride through the countryside of Minnesota.

Glass fusion is a new passion for me and I am looking for a few people to join me in exploring this method of melting glass upon glass.


The kiln is ready and waiting for play. Are you interested in a a bit of art, science, technology and the joy of color?

Send me an SMS and let me know.

Monday evenings at Niilovilla begining January 2019.


3rd Annual Pumpkin Workshop!


More Pumpkins!! Join me

Saturday, September 8
at Niilovilla Studio

and make a fantastic pumpkin!

Click here for details, this is a 2nd Saturday Workshop


LIVE BAND! Elvis Sing Along & Hamburger BBQ



Niilovilla Studio (Suzanne) and Wintti550, with the musical talent of The Monday Mix Band, invite you!

Saturday, October 27 12.00-16.00 12€

Come sing along in the audience as the band leads you with the Elvis classics!


Feast on a meal of a hamburger and a couple of tasty side dishes. This is going to be an afternoon of fun, song and laughter in the ambiance of a country barn.

Burger service begins at 12, the Elvis Sing Along begins at 14.00.

12€ Event includes one hamburger and two side dishes, plus a bottle of Coke. (Dessert with coffee extra 3€) *

Hope you can join us!

*You may BYOB, as alcohol will not be sold. Allergies or dietary concerns? Please contact us through email.



Thank you!

Wondering how to get from Hyvinkää train station to Wintti550? Please email me: We can try to arrange carpools or a taxi.




Puppet Club

Coming in January to Hyvinkää!



It’s a whole lot of fun!


The Outside In Tour

Pottery time again!!

I loved visiting FinnAm Kindergartens last year and I am happy to return this autumn!

I will be coming with my pottery studio for your child to participate in a real pottery workshop.

Bringing the Outside In by Mary McKenna Siddals

We are bringing the outside in, oh, bringing the outside in!

This lovely picture book with it’s gentle rhymes will be our inspiration in this tour. We will explore how to can create texture by pressing natural materials into clay. Leaves, sticks pinecones, shells, flowers…  I will bring the outside in for your child to explore the fun of natural stamps.


Here is the schedule of fun:

Day 1: We will roll out a slab of clay and gently press natural objects to make texture. We will lay the slab into a shallow bowl and trim the edges.
Day 2: Repeating the steps, we will create a small cup.
Day 3: We add colorful underglaze to our projects.
Day 4: We will glaze our wares.

Projects will be ready for pick up ( at school ) 2-3 weeks after workshop.

Cost: 65€ (includes VAT)

What: A REAL pottery workshop with Suzanne
Where: FinnAm Kindergarten Ruoholahti
When: 4 Tuesdays 10.30-11.15, 11.30-12.15
Ruoholahti: 4.9 – 25.9
Who: Max 8 children, 4.5 – 6 yrs.

Where: FinnAm Kindergarten Kamppi
When: 4 Tuesdays 9.00-9.45, 10-10.45
Kamppi: 30.10 – 20.11
Who: Max 8 children, 4.5 – 6 yrs.

Cost: 65€ (includes VAT)

Registration is taken by SMS ONLY.  Teachers at the schools can not register your child. A text message to Suzanne is needed. Children are registered in order of messages received.  Your child is on the list once SMS is confirmed. Thank you.

Please send an SMS to me, Suzanne, at 041 517 7096.

Include which kindergarten your child is attending, your child’s name, birthday, your name and email address, Yes to photos.

Photos will occasionally be taken and posted on my website No names will be used. Please confirm your approval. Happy kids doing art. Everyone loves it.

Kamppi, Billy Doughnut, 5 yrs, Samuel Doughnut, Yes to photos.

Registration is only complete after SMS has been confirmed. Thank you!

Invoices will be sent directly to you via NiiloVilla Studio TMI and not through the school.

Porous, we know this

Is this pot porous?


“Rough up the clay like tiger paws” What does that ? What does slip mean?

Slab Work

Roll it flat with a rolling pin.

Coil Pot

Coil pots have been made for centuries, I call it making snakes!

Little bits of glass

Glaze is made of little bits of glass suspended in a mixture of clay, minerals and fluid. It is one color when you brush it on and another when it comes out of the kiln! It is an exiting part of Handbuilding 101!

What is a kiln?

What is a kiln? Well, ah,ask the pottery club kids! They know!.

We use tools!

Tools! Tools!


Where does our self esteem come from?