What’s Happening

Pinch pot birds

The Espoo International Pottery Club has made a flock of pinch pots and pinch pot birds. These birds have been underglazed. I am very proud of these children!   The little pinch pots have been fired once. They are ready for glazing. Aren't they sweet?

LIVE BAND! Elvis Sing Along & Hamburger BBQ

LIVE BAND! VIVA LAS VEGAS! Niilovilla Studio (Suzanne) and Wintti550, with the musical talent of The Monday Mix Band, invite you! Saturday, October 27 12.00-16.00 12€ Come sing along in the audience as the band leads you with the Elvis classics! AND Feast on a meal of a hamburger and a couple of tasty side … Continue reading LIVE BAND! Elvis Sing Along & Hamburger BBQ