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POTTERY CLUB CONTINUES! We meet on Tuesdays 14-16.00 in the art room. The 1-2 grade children arrive at 14.00. 3-7 graders at 14.30. Everyone usually completes their work within 75 minutes and are free to go after cleaning their work space. The children in…

Pottery Club Pitchers

It was a delight to open the kiln! Look at these beauties! And many more! I am so proud of my students!

We Felted a ROCK!

What an idea! We covered the rock with roving and then tied it with a piece of pure wool.  A nice new white sock worked well to keep things together and then into the alternating  hot/cold  baths and bubble wrap. The next step will…

Pottery Club Spring 2017

Pottery club is sailing smoothly along after a little glitch in the schedule. Everyone begins at 14.00 this term. It is a busy fun afternoon of creative exploration. Look at these happy kids!

We are sewing puppets

We are getting ready for the big show.

The Wonders of Wool Workshop