Pottery Club EIS

  POTTERY CLUB Opinmäki /Espoo International Pottery Club will continue in 2018-2019. We meet on Tuesdays 14.10-15.15 and 15.15-16.20 in room B121 in the textile/woodwork area. I meet everyone at the door. The children in the afternoon club have a snack and are sent by their staff to Pottery Club. Everyone usually completes their work … Continue reading Pottery Club EIS


POTTERY CLUB CONTINUES! We meet on Tuesdays 14-16.00 in the art room. The 1-2 grade children arrive at 14.00. 3-7 graders at 14.30. Everyone usually completes their work within 75 minutes and are free to go after cleaning their work space. The children in the afternoon club are escorted by their staff to the door. … Continue reading POTTERY CLUB CONTINUES!

We Felted a ROCK!

What an idea! We covered the rock with roving and then tied it with a piece of pure wool.  A nice new white sock worked well to keep things together and then into the alternating  hot/cold  baths and bubble wrap. The next step will be doing a bit of embellishing! stay tuned!

Pottery Club: Happy Kids

Pottery Club has been so much fun this term. We have three more meetings before the Holiday break. The Exhibition and Party will be held in the artroom on Tuesday, DECEMBER 13 from 14-15.30. There will be prizes for a variety of categories. It is always a highlight of the year! I will provide beverages … Continue reading Pottery Club: Happy Kids

Under the BIG Concrete Staircase

We finally met under the BIG concrete staircase! Pottery Club began today with 23 enthusiastic children excited about doing something creative. I was also very excited to meet the new children and see the children who were returning to Pottery Club. Once the talking/listening part was over, the art room was buzzing as the children … Continue reading Under the BIG Concrete Staircase

Come have some fun.

"Suzanne’s love of people shines through in all her art, whether creating tangible objects such as ceramics, watercolor, and fabric art, or singing, reading poetry or telling meaningful stories in her performing arts.    Heavily influenced by her love of children’s book illustrations, her ceramic creations contain a whimsical, playful quality. Her student’s smiles not … Continue reading Come have some fun.