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Pinch pot birds

The Espoo International Pottery Club has made a flock of pinch pots and pinch pot birds. These birds have been underglazed. I am very proud of these children!   The little pinch pots have been fired once. They are ready for glazing. Aren’t they…

We use math, too!

How many?      


Words and wordplay. I have always loved words. And when I began writing poetry, about ten years ago, it changed my life. It added a mindfulness to my days, it brought a fresh thoughtfulness to the simple observation of my daily life, inside and…

I love Tuesdays

  Pottery Club is a blast! This year we have 30 kids in two groups. Boys and girls from 1-8 grade fill the tables. The past three weeks we have focused on perfecting pinch pots. We have made a pot, a bird and many…

The Old Sauna

It WILL snow. I WILL sit in my kitchen and stare across the yard to my Someday Studio… so I gave it a fresh coats of paint for the winter! My family has differentiated the rooms inside it by calling them, Door #1, Door…

Kindergarten Clayworks

We rolled our clay into a ball. Then we rolled it and cut in into a circle. Then we pressed leaves and weeds and flowers into it. Next week we will shape it into a bowl!

Junior birdsmen, upside-down!

Up in the air, Junior Birdsmen! Up in the air, upside-down. A search on google would reveal that this song is from a time long ago. Because it takes 5 boxtops, 4 labels, 3 coupons, 2 bottle caps, and 1 thin dime… Get your…

Gadgets and real life

I remember clearly the first time I heard someone (seemingly) talking to themselves as they walked down the sidewalk. And I remember later hearing two DIFFERENT people at the same time and wondering if they were talking to each other! A year or so…

An Adventure in Glass

Birds over a corn field. This was inspired by a ride through the countryside of Minnesota. Glass fusion is a new passion for me and I am looking for a few people to join me in exploring this method of melting glass upon glass….

3rd Annual Pumpkin Workshop!

More Pumpkins!! Join me Saturday, September 8 at Niilovilla Studio and make a fantastic pumpkin! Click here for details, this is a 2nd Saturday Workshop

Puppet Club

Coming in January to Hyvinkää! CLICK THIS LINK FOR MORE INFORMATION It’s a whole lot of fun!

The Outside In Tour

Pottery time again!! I loved visiting FinnAm Kindergartens last year and I am happy to return this autumn! I will be coming with my pottery studio for your child to participate in a real pottery workshop. Bringing the Outside In by Mary McKenna Siddals We…

Porous, we know this

Is this pot porous?


“Rough up the clay like tiger paws” What does that ? What does slip mean?

Slab Work

Roll it flat with a rolling pin.

Coil Pot

Coil pots have been made for centuries, I call it making snakes!

Little bits of glass

Glaze is made of little bits of glass suspended in a mixture of clay, minerals and fluid. It is one color when you brush it on and another when it comes out of the kiln! It is an exiting part of Handbuilding 101!

What is a kiln?

What is a kiln? Well, ah,ask the pottery club kids! They know!.

We use tools!

Tools! Tools!

The Garden Bowl Tour

Spring Garden Woven Bowl Workshop   Scarlette Beane knows she is going to do SOMETHING WONDERFUL in her garden, her fingers even glow green! Join us as we do something wonderful, too! Ceramic Handbuilding 101 Workshop with Suzanne I will be coming again with…

Snowmen at night

Back to the kindergarten after the Christmas holiday, the children have made some adorable wee snowmen.

Make a Mug or Two Workshop

June 10: Make A Mug or Two Workshop Beginning Handbuilding 101 Come make a stoneware mug (or two) on June 10. We will use a slab technique and press designs into the raw clay. Anyone can do it! Your mugs will be fired to…

Art Camps!

At NiiloVilla Studio Rauduntie 40, 02130 Espoo June Art Camp Welcome! I offer a hands-on introduction to the rewards of making art. Students will learn basic handbuilding and underglazing techniques. Make mugs, bowls, plates, vases, treasure boxes, animal sculptures, or birdhouses – or objects not yet dreamed…

Adventures with Suzanne : Monday Evening Open Studio

I can’t believe how much fun I am having in my studio these days. It IS an adventure! Art + beauty+ science + mystery + anicipation= FUN! Here is a way you can come join me! Monday Evening Open Studio Beginning Ceramics 6 hrs…

Building houses

Pottery Club built little houses today. All unique and wonderfully whimsical. It will be exciting to see how they will gain even more wonder as they are glazed and fired. What wonderful diversity.