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Pottery Club EIS

Yesterday was so much fun! Pottery club is like a bee hive with the every child focused on their own task and still together buzzing with energy. We finished our mugs. Getting the handle attached and adding some interesting textures to the body. Most…

What is a kiln?

What is a kiln? Well, ah,ask the pottery club kids! They know!.

Pottery Club EIS

  POTTERY CLUB Opinmäki /Espoo International Pottery Club will continue in 2018-2019. We meet on Tuesdays 14.10-15.15 and 15.15-16.20 in room B121 in the textile/woodwork area. I meet everyone at the door. The children in the afternoon club have a snack and are sent…


POTTERY CLUB CONTINUES! We meet on Tuesdays 14-16.00 in the art room. The 1-2 grade children arrive at 14.00. 3-7 graders at 14.30. Everyone usually completes their work within 75 minutes and are free to go after cleaning their work space. The children in…

Pottery Club Pitchers

It was a delight to open the kiln! Look at these beauties! And many more! I am so proud of my students!

Pottery Club Spring 2017

Pottery club is sailing smoothly along after a little glitch in the schedule. Everyone begins at 14.00 this term. It is a busy fun afternoon of creative exploration. Look at these happy kids!

Pottery Club: Happy Kids

Pottery Club has been so much fun this term. We have three more meetings before the Holiday break. The Exhibition and Party will be held in the artroom on Tuesday, DECEMBER 13 from 14-15.30. There will be prizes for a variety of categories. It…

From cube to lidded box

The kids in Pottery Club were fantastic today. Their task was to take the cube they made last week and turn it into a lidded box. It wasn’t easy! Each week, it is an intense couple of hours for the children and I. The…

The cube

  The kids in Pottery Club have been learning every week. This week everyone’s task was to make a cube. Six sides and all sealed up. Then they all learned how to bag their work so it will stay moist for next week. Names…

Day 2: Coil Pots

It was another great day for the Pottery club. The hours are a bit like watching fireworks in action. The children arrive in small groups and chatter as they work on their projects. Today it was a variation on a coil pot. Snakes eating…

Back to the studio

The pumpkins are taken out of their boxes and carefully cut open. This gives them a utilitarian purpose, along with their artful beauty. They are set on a chipboard bat to dry for about a week. Longer is even better.  The porous nature of…

Under the BIG Concrete Staircase

We finally met under the BIG concrete staircase! Pottery Club began today with 23 enthusiastic children excited about doing something creative. I was also very excited to meet the new children and see the children who were returning to Pottery Club. Once the talking/listening…

Art Clubs at Opinmäki

INFO about clubs here! Beginning week 34! Look what is happening this year at Opinmäki!  Click here for info about Pottery! Puppets! And the NEW Fiber Art Club! WELCOME! Suzanne

A piggy bank

A piggy bank project from the Pottery Club when it was at Komeetta Koulu. Perhaps a piggy bank is something the Pottery Club will make again next autumn. What do you think?

Pottery Party Photos!

Ines won THREE categories in the exhibition. She sets an example hard to beat. Wow! Ben won the fourth with that beautiful mug. Welcome back in August, Everyone!  

Sam’s woven bowl

Sam glazed his bowl very creatively and the results were gorgeous.

Winding up

It’s been a good year at the new school. Next week the Pottery Club will have it’s annual exhibit and competition before celebrating with some party snacks. I let these kids drift into summer with the hope they will return next August. They are…

It’s the people.

The best part of Tuesday’s Pottery Club is providing a place for fun. There is always laughter with our clay work.