Fiber Art Club at Opinmäki


WET Felting is the new theme for 2017!

Grades 3-7 
Wednesdays 15-16.00 in the art room.

Last year it was hand sewing, next up: WET WOOL FELTING!

How to register to make sure you child has a place.


The Club will meet 13-15 times during Spring Term.
The fee is 138€ per term. I send invoices in January. All materials included.

To register or get on the waiting list, please send an SMS to me at 041 517 7096. Include which club you are registering for, your child’s name, grade, your name and email address. 

Occasionally photos of participants may be posted on my website. Please confirm your approval by saying Yes to photos.

Exampe: Fiber Art, Sally Doughnut, 4 gr, Samuel Doughnut,, Yes to photos.

Registration is only complete after SMS has been recieved. Thank you!