Conversational English Lessons

Let’s meet for coffee and speak English!

 Do you want to activate the English you learned in school?

Do you need to occasionally speak English at work or on holiday and wish it were easier?

Looking for ways to build your vocabulary or use the words you know?

Want to have some gentle English fun?

Suzanne will meet you in a quiet Hyvinkää cafe or other location for a private Conversational English lesson. A lesson plan will be created just for you.  I am sure we can find all sorts of things to gently talk about over a nice cup of coffee.

We can do this together!

Introduction lesson 30€ for 60 minutes. Book a time to see if this is the right course for you!

Send text or whatsapp to Suzanne 041 517 7096 and soon you will  feel more confident using the vocabulary you already know!