Suzanne Niilo-Rämä                                                                   01/01/2020

PROFILE I am highly experienced in creating positive group dynamics and in engaging with individuals to help them achieve their goals. My activities as an entrepreneur have included teaching pottery clubs/workshops (for children & adults), creating and selling my own glass and ceramic wares, as well as arranging and hosting thematic events using a combination of music, storytelling and poetry.
WORK EXPERIENCE 2019 Entrepreneur. Founded ‘A Little North of Helsinki’. I have started to use this company for promotion and sales of my artworks, as well as for hosting events and workshops in my studio.

2001- present:  Entrepreneur. Founder of NiiloVilla Studio. Combining English teaching and ceramic and glass teaching. I am using this company as a means to work with children in various organizations/settings including:
2004 – present: Espoo International School Pottery Club. Weekly pottery sessions – afternoon club activity. 24-32 Students each school year, 1st grade to 9th grade. Repeat participants and good feedback. During this time, I have also lead Puppet Clubs in which we created set, puppets and props, then performed for audiences in the school auditorium.
2015 – present: Kindergarten Clayworks. At FinnAm Kindergartens, Helsinki, and Kids Valley, Hyvinkää. This is a multi-disciplinary (reading, singing, communication) 4 hour pottery workshop for small groups of preschoolers focusing on following instructions and fine motor skills. The aim is to build self-esteem though achievement of simple handbuilding steps.
2020 – I am developing 2 weekly children/family programs which encourage vocabulary building and expression through stories, songs, art and games. “American Clay Club” and “Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy”.

2005-PRESENT: FINNAM KINDERGARTENS (Töölö). TEACHER’S ASSISTANT. In this time, I have worked full time and part time. Presently, I am on a weekly basis. Over the course of my employment, I have been responsible for my own groups and specializing in both Christmas and Spring Concerts. One of my main duties is Friday Circletime – movement, singing, stories and games. As well as ‘Show and Tell’, a weekly presentation/self-expression activity. USA WORK EXPERIENCE: 1978-1995  During this period I worked full and part time in several child-care centers, churches and municipal recreation offices in Minnesota, USA.  With a wide focus on preschool activities, youth work, the elderly and the mentally handicapped, this brought me in close contact with all members of the local community. Often working as a Recreation Facilitator which included planning personal recreation programs for individual clients.
Education 1996- 2019 Espoo Tyoväenopisto/SEPTARIA, HKI Various courses in Finnish, ceramics, watercolor and other arts. 1990 -1995 Evening Community Education courses in Minnesota, USA Basic Handbuilding and throwing on the wheel.
1981- 1985 UNIVERSITY OF MN, Various LOCATIONS Minnesota, USA Various coursework focused on completing General Requirements, Elementary Education, Children’s Literature, Linguistics and Recreational Studies. 100 credit hours (approximately)
1979- 1980 Golden Valley Lutheran College, Golden Valley MN USA Associate Degree in Liberal Arts in Recreational Leadership Program planning for group activities from brainstorming to implementation. 188 credit hours
FINNISH: Arrived in Finland in 1995.  Finnish Level A2 – plus 20 years of life experience living and working within the Finnish culture. Currently enrolled in both a Hyvinkää Opisto and an Online course to improve my skills.
Lead vocalist of a small American Folk band named “A Little North Band” which I created to support my recreational art events. Currently producing “Moon Songs” a one hour song and storytelling event to be performed locally in various venues.  As an off shoot “Suzanne the American” is a musical activity hosted in a variety of venues (for example English classes) encouraging conversational English through music and word play for all ages.
MOUNTAIN BIKING AND T@B CARAVAN My other hobbies include weekends in the caravan with my husband, riding our mountain bikes in the woods, and spending time with family and friends.