Kindergarten Clayworks


Blueberry Bowl 

The Hungry Caterpillar

Building Self-esteem through Handbuilding

NIILOVILLA STUDIO’s Kindergarten Clayworks/Pottery Club is one of the most unique and engaging extra-curriculars for children I have come across. Suzanne is energetic, funny, and encouraging.
Each four-session club is planned around a central theme such as a favorite children’s book. Throughout the sessions the children not only create a beautiful, one-of-a-kind work of art, but they learn new vocabulary,
practice concentration, strengthen their fine motor skills, build confidence, and become part of a close community with their friends and with Suzanne.
If these qualities are important to you and your child, allow me to warmly recommend Suzanne’s Kindergarten Clayworks/Pottery Club to your family!
Ashley Dahlbom
Head teacher at FinnAm Kindergarten, Ruoholahti

Here is are some examples:

Garden Bowls

Outside In Tour

Snowmen at Night

The Rocket Tour

The Pumpkin Soup Tour

The Bug Bowl Tour

The Pumpkin Soup Tour

More Pumpkins!

What is better than a good picture book coupled with handbuilding with clay?


And if I add a song?? BIG SMILES for everyone!

I can bring my studio to your child’s kindergarten for 45 minutes a week, for four consecutive weeks. 4 children per group, for aged 4.5-7 years.

65€ per child.